Welcome to Covscene

This site is intended to be a useful resource for musicians and those interested in supporting original music in the Coventry and Warwickshire area.

This is currently a work in progress, the functionality is virtually all set up but it will take a while to populate the content and the layout may need a bit of tidying up. Although the site has been in existence since 2006, primarily used to host a now  defunct forum , the old site was difficult to maintain and much of the information out of date. The idea of the new design is that musicians, venues and others involved in music related activities can submit and update their own information, and visitors will be able to see how recent the displayed information is.

Further information can be found in this post.


Update 12/09/2017

Since there seems to be little ongoing interest in a local music site (other than from spammers hoping to to find a weakness to exploit)  this site will cease to exist once either the domain registration expires or I have a better use for the space on my web hosting account, whichever comes soonest.


Whilst there is still a large pool of talent in the area, we have lost a number of venues over recent years , which as well as more general economic pressures I believe in part is due to poor promotion. If people don’t know you have a gig on or who is playing then they aren’t going to turn up. Both venues and artists have a responsibility here, neither party should be relying on the other party to get the audiences in.

Facebook is a useful tool but on it’s own is not an adequate means of reaching a wider audience. For a start your posts will generally only be seen by those people who have liked your page and, since Facebook decides what it is going to show  it is quite likely that a even significant proportion of those who have liked your page still wont see many of your posts. Frequently I have found out about events that I would have been interested in attending either after they have happened or so soon before that it is too late to get to.