Adding and editing content


Anyone can register to submit comments on existing content and add events to the events calendar.

iI you wish to add new content or edit existing content you will need to request elevated privileges to be a Content Editor, this can be done by logging in and scrolling down to the bottom of your profile page to User Groups click on search select content editor and then click on add > followed by update profile. Once your request has been approved you will be able to submit new entries and revisions for existing content.

Musician and Resources entries

Submissions for Musician pages and Resource pages are produced by creating a new post and selecting the appropriate category or categories for your entry. Uncategorised posts will not be shown. You may put in as little or as much information and content as you like, simply a link to your own website if you wish, though people are more likely to follow the link if you have at least a basic description.  Please stick to a few basic guidelines. Make sure the post title is the band name or organisation name and use the set featured image box to add an image that will be displayed at the top of your entry and as a thumbnail  in the category listings. You may add further images and other media elsewhere in your post. Once you are happy with your entry select Submit for Review. You can also edit existing entries,again changes may be subject to approval before becoming visible, however this is just to guard against spam and malicious edits you are responsible for your own proofreading.  Note there is currently at least one bug in the editing process. The featured image, once assigned on a published post can not be changed. Should you wish to change the featured image please notify to get the current featured image removed .

Venue Listings

These are handled slightly differently. To avoid unnecessary duplication, they are tied in with the events listings. In order to have a venue listing create a new Location under events and in the Options box check the box.  The minimum requirement is the name and address of the venue for events listings, You may add as much additional information as you wish.

Event Listings

The minimum requirement is to provide a title, Location and specify when the event is. There are also optional attribute boxes for event webpage and ticket link which if filled in will appear at the top of the event page and in the listings. If a data base entry already exists for a location it should appear as you type in the location name (note this can sometimes be a bit slow). If an entry doe not already exist you may add it to the database, note that at least some of the address fields are mandatory for the entry to be added.

5 thoughts on “Adding and editing content

  1. Kit


    I have an old, much-outdated, but still live entry. As you’re trying to resuscitate the site – hurrah! – and I’d like to update me – about time! – but the KIt entry is logged as being administered by Admin, please advise how I can update the information.


  2. Damien Trent


    Was looking to add myself to the musicians page and thought I had to create a new post there, but I get an error message saying “insufficient rights to access that page”. Any ideas?


    1. admin Post author

      You missed the bit about requesting the elevated privileges to post anything other than events (Due to too many spammers otherwise).
      I have now added you to the content editors group so you can add and edit your own entries.

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