Matt Lakey & The Whatever


Matt Lakey & The Whatever are a Coventry (UK) based collective that have been playing in and around the UK for the last couple of years. The band consists of Matt Lakey, Ben Haines and Wes Finch with the odd appearances from other whatever’s every now and again.

Matt Lakey heads up the band, writes the songs, sings, plays guitar and takes the most amount of stick from the other members ;P

Ben Haines is the drummer who underpins it all with a style and flavour that’s rarely found in drummers these days. He’s one of those sympathetic drummers who plays them as an integral shape forming part of each song rather than smashing shit as hard as he can. The result is always an interesting and exciting set of grooves that bring edge and bite to each track.

Wes Finch is a local legend in his own right. For the Whatever he plays the bass and brings a wealth of genuine musical talent and inspiration.

How should describe the sound the Whatever make? It’s hard to pin down to be honest. Each tune is crafted around strong well written songs, each with its own flavour whether it’s the folk ballad style of ’3 Rifles’ or the anthemic rock pop of ‘Cold Bones’ or the ……wait….why not just go check out some of the songs and make your own mind up.

In all seriousness the music and pleasure of playing great songs live is what drives the band. If you haven’t had a chance to hear them live them get along whenever and wherever you can. You wont be disappointed, and if you don’t like what you hear then we promise to refund you all gig ticket costs from any completely free gigs we play (*offer only applies to gigs played in Antarctica)

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