Welcome to the new look Covscene

Much of the existing content on this site has become outdated and in common with other sites the ‘traditional’ forum is virtually dead other than for spammers and the occasional old-timer popping up to see if there is any sign of life. The easy solution would be to just pull the plug on the site, however it does still feature relatively high in search listings, and whilst there are some complementary sites around there is nothing that really seems to be a replacement. In view of this, I have decided to try and give the site a new lease of life to serve the local music community.

Primarily it is intended as a central resource with the users able to keep their own data up to date , rather than the old model of a general discussion forum  with attached static content. The site is now based upon wordpress, which allows collaboration of multiple users with easy editing of content and some discussion whilst hopefully keeping the spammers at bay. If you  wish to comment on existing content, or post events then you just need to register as a subscriber. Your first comment may take a while to be publicly visible as they will need approval, however this is purely to avoid spam and is not intended as censorship.

If you wish to contribute to the  content of the site, such as to put up details of your band, venue or other services you will need slightly elevated user privileges, these can be requested by scrolling down to the User Groups box near the bottom of your profile page when logged in.  Please create a post with the relevant category and set the title to the name of your band / business. New posts and subsequent revisions will require approval before becoming publicly visible, however this is purely to prevent spam and other abuse.

If anyone wishes to be regular contributor or help with the running of the site please contact me.

For the time being I will maintain links to the legacy pages whilst I slowly create new entries for those bands and facilities which I know are still valid, I will transfer ownership and thus editing abilities of any such entries to the relevant people once they have registered on the site. Existing forum accounts will not work on these new pages, and unless there is some genuine demand I will remove the old forums completely in the near future.

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